Waterjet cutting applications

Abrasive Waterjet cuts virtually any profile in any material:

  • Stainless steel cutting - traditionally slow to cut with conventional tooling - easy with water jet.
  • Plastic cutting - intricate parts are quick to nest and cut without special clamping requirements.
  • Pre hardened steel - machine after hardening and forget distortion worries.
  • Mild steel - cut complex profiles with high accuracy.
  • Exotics like Titanium, Inconel, Hastalloy - nest parts and with minimum kerf width save huge amounts on material cost.
  • Copper, Brass, Aluminium cutting - as per exotics above, save on material costs.
  • Brittle materials like glass, ceramics, quartz, stone - water jet cutting is fast.
  • Marble - cut to any profile quickly.
  • Laminates - difficult to saw/mill, easy to water jet.

What materials are you having difficulties with?
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